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General Eye Exams- Infants and Pediatric Exams – from Newborn on up, Teenagers Welcome. Adults and Geriatric Exams, Post-Cataract and LASIK Surgery Exams.

Dilated Eye Exams for Cataracts, Diabetes, Plaquenil, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and other Eye Disease.

Diseased Eye Care –  Seeing Spots or Floaters, Dry Eyes, Infections, Allergy and Inflammation, Swollen Eye Lids, Red Eyes, Virus and Herpes Treatment.

Emergency Eye Care – Injuries, Pain, Scratches, Iritis and Uveitis, Foreign Body and Debris Removal, Retina Detachment.

As Indicated:
Prescribing Oral Anti-Viral Medication and Oral Antibiotics, Oral Pain Narcotics [Many Eye Doctors do not Prescribe Oral Eye Medicines], Topical Eye Drop Medicine for: Bacteria Infections, Viral Infections, Allergy, Inflammation and Auto-Immune Diseases, Dry Eye Disease.

Contact Lens Exams – I try to prescribe all types and have thousands of Diagnostic Lenses in Stock.

Exams for Forms and Licenses- Florida Driver's and other States, Federal CDL Trucking, Competition Racing and Boxing License.

Second Opinion Exams – on most any Eye Topic.

Medico-Legal Expert Witness Testimony – Work Comp and Injury or Auto Accident Cases, Decades of Experience throughout Florida's Courts.
Eye Exercise Exams – something many Eye Doctors do not perform.

My exams utilize the latest of Instrumentation: Ocular Coherence Tomographer Retinal Laser Scanner with 3D and Anterior segment capacity [Many Eye Doctors lack this Instrument], Computer Perimetry Visual Fields, Digital Ocular and Retinal Photography, Cornea Topography Analyzer, Cornea Thickness Pachymetry, Goldman Tonometry rather than that “Air-Puff” that most Patients dislike, Contrast Sensitivity Function testing, Dilated Eye Exams using many different observational lenses.

The Philosophy is this: I, the Doctor, do your Exam and there will be many steps in the process - which gives us time to mutually communicate in an Ethical way. Other Offices can have different can be: Patients go to a Surgeon or “Specialist” only to have the Staff do most everything and the Patient is lucky to have the Doctor with you for maybe five minutes tops....another can be more the “Boys in the Mall” approach where a commercial Optical tries to call all the shots and the entire Patient visit is forced to be something like ten minutes total because that “Independent Optometrist” is not really all that independent....another can be where you get “upgraded to death” because the Staff is working on a commission basis....another can be where if anything is wrong with the health of your eyes, you are quickly sent to a Doctor in a different Office who owns that first Office [that way the first Doc can holler, “Next!” and your bill gets racked up too]....and then there's the “Bait and Switch” approach. Well not here. After nearly 40 years of Practice and incorporating State-of-the-Art technology, I remain committed to giving you my full attention and refuse to play “Business Games.” Being an Eye Doctor is my Calling.  Some Eye Doctors are simply “in business” so they may retire early. Others are in this Profession because their application to Dental School or some other Profession was turned down. I've wanted to be an Eye Doctor since a Career Report project in Ninth Grade here in Orlando.

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