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Dr. Stanley J. Hallock

Board Certified Optometric Physician has a desire to provide State-of-the-Art Ocular and Vision care with emphasis on Professional Standards and Ethics. 


Professional Services:

General Eye Exams – All Ages - Cataract, Diabetic, Plaquenil, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Spectacles, Contact Lenses.

Emergency Eye Care, Uveitis, Injuries, Pain and Disease Treatment. Surgical removal of Foreign Objects and Debris from the Eye.

Glaucoma Diagnosis and Prescription Treatment.

Contact Lens Evaluation and Prescription.

Vision Training, Eye Exercises and Lazy Eye Therapy.

Spectacles Prescribed, Dispensed, Adjusted and Repaired.

Certification Forms - Driver's License: State, Federal Commercial, Racing.

Certification of Blindness for Taxes, Handicap and Low Vision Exams.

Second Opinions and Expert Witness for Medico-Legal Purposes.

Contact Lenses Prescribed - I try to prescribe all types of Contact Lenses:

Soft: Daily Wear or Extended Overnight Wear, Colors to enhance your Eye, Toric, Astigmatism Correcting, Monovision or Bifocal Contacts, Daily Disposable, Bandage or Keratoconus or Therapeutic Contact Lenses.  Thousands in Stock.

Gas Permeable Hard Contact lenses:  Daily Wear or Overnight Extended Wear, Keratoconus Lenses, Orthokeratology Lenses or other type Lenses that allow you to see clearly when you take the Contact off, Semi-Scleral Lenses. 

Polishing of Contact Lenses in-Office.

Hybrid Contact Lenses: Synergeyes Duette Lenses.

Contact Lenses that help if Color-Blind.


Single Vision, No-Line Invisible Bifocals, regular Bifocal or Trifocal, Safety Glasses or Sports and Shooting Glasses, Sunglasses as regular or Polaroid, Transitions Lenses that lighten and darken, “Thinner & Lighter Weight” Lenses. Hundreds of Fashion and Designer Frames in Stock.  Adjustments and Repairs.

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