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Race Cars

Please do make us aware of your special car so that we may display it in the Office.

1967 MGB-GT Special.
One of a limited production of only 1000 built in 1967. This once street legal Sports Car I extensively modified and, last known, it was still being raced in Pennsylvania. Aluminum hood, flywheel, pulleys and push rods. Weber 45 DCOE side-draft carb. Bored 30 over with lightened ceramic topped wedge pistons. Overdrive tranny set for all 4 gears so the car actually has 8 forward gear ratios. Short throw shifter. Quick release reduced diameter steering wheel. Banjo rear axle with Quaiffe limited-slip differential and 4.3 ring & pinion. Lowered one and one half inches. Panhard rod. Carrera piston shocks all four corners. Light weight alloy center lock wheels. Sebring headlight covers and Lexan windows.  This car won Dr. Hallock many Championships with SCCA Club Racing, SCCA Solo 2 and Martin Sports Car Club AutoCross Competitions and State of Florida Championships.

1994/95 Van Diemen RF94/5 Formula Continental / F2000

Long before it was called Tazmania, that Island near Australia was known as Van Diemen's Land. Ralph Firman and Ross Ambrose [from said Island] chose to name their race cars using the old name.

Buddy Rice, winner in 2004 of the Indianapolis 500, raced such a Van Diemen early in his Pro career.

In 2006 Dr. Hallock won the SCCA Regional Formula Continental [FC] Championship in this car. 2017 Produced another SCCA Championship and the Florida Cup State Championship.

1978 Crossle 32F Formula Ford

A renowned brand of Formula Ford even this many years later. John Crossle of Northern Ireland yet builds winning Crossle race cars in many Road Racing classes. This car has held the Sebring long-course record [Tom Nadeau] and the Sebring short-course record [Stan Hallock-two times]. Multiple years of Dr. Hallock winning either Club Ford [CF] or Formula Ford [FF] SCCA Regional Championships and race wins in the South Atlantic Road Racing Championships, also a State of Florida Championship win held in 1997 at Disney.

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